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Edge to Edge


If purchasing batting, the batting must be paid in full when you bring in your quilt.

All quilting patterns are sized at approximately 15”.

If you want it smaller, the quilter will call with estimate of cost.

Dear Valued Customer, 

Our introductory prices are based on the fact that we are a new quilting business. Although we will make every effort to ensure your quilt is completed with care and to the best of our ability, it is possible that there may be small imperfections as we are only human. We do have a top-of-the-line quilting machine and have received excellent training. We aim to please. By filling out this form you agree to the above. Thank you for trusting us to quilt your quilt top.



Edge to Edge

Steps to follow in preparation for quilting:

1.   Make sure your top is well pressed and stray threads are clipped off.

2.  Your quilt backing should be 8" bigger than your quilt top.  For  

example:  If you quilt top is 50” x 70” – your backing should be 58” x 78”.

Your backing should be well pressed.

3.  Your batting should be the same size as your backing (see step 2).

4.  We do NOT center quilt backs.  This is a specialty technique that we do not provide in quilting your quilt.

5.  If you need a rush quilting job done on your quilt, there will be an additional $25 fee.  Otherwise, it will be quilted in the order it was received at the shop.

6.  The service we are providing, quilts your top, your batting, and your backing together into a quilt.  Trimming and binding are not part of this service, however are available for an additional cost. 

7. We will test the thread tension on the edge of your quilt using a separate piece of fabric. The testing fabric will be left on your completed quilt unless you request to have it removed. 

Thank you for your patronage. 


Easy edge to edge pattern 1.5 (.015) cents per square inch
Medium edge to edge pattern .02 (.02) cents per square inch
Dense edge to edge pattern 2.5 (.025) cents per square inch
Intricate edge to edge pattern .03 (.03) cents per square inch

*Please call with any other pricing questions*

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