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Long Arm Quilting Services

Homestead Fabrics and Quilts is now offering long arm quilting services to assist you in finishing your quilts. Do you have lots of quilt tops waiting to be quilted? Let Homestead Fabrics and Quilts quilt them for you.

We offer edge-to-edge quilting on all sizes from baby quilt up to king-size quilts with a $35 minimum. All quilting is done using a Bernina Q24 Machine on a 12-foot frame with regulated stitching, computerized precision and Q-Matic computerization. We can quilt up to 108" wide. 

Stop in or call to discuss the perfect quilting service that will enhance that beautiful quilt you’ve made. (417) 544-0950.

If you are not in our area, you may ship your quilt to us for quilting. Our shipping address is as follows:

215 Gage Dr. STE I Hollister, MO 65672

Once you are ready for your quilt top to be quilted, measure your quilt to determine the square inches, then you can pick a backing and batting (if you do not have your own).  Then you can select a quilt pattern. We will quilt the tops in the order they were received however we do provide a rush option for an additional $60 charge (The rush charge is $100 during November and December). There is an additional charge for thread and needle on all quilts. We will only quilt using our own threads to ensure high quality. 


Tips on Preparing Your Quilt for Long Arm Quilting


  • Trim your threads to ensure stray threads don’t show through the finished quilt and detract from your beautiful quilt. 

  • Make sure your quilt seams and backing fabric are pressed flat. Iron the quilt top from the front, and make sure it lays flat to ensure a smooth quilting process without pleats or extra volume. 

  • Your backing and quilt top should be free of embellishments such as buttons, charms. 

  • Trim off selvage edges before using the fabric in your quilt top or backing. If piecing your backing, use a minimum ½” seam and press the seam to ensure a smooth quilting process. 

  • Your quilt back must be a MINIMUM of 4" bigger than your quilt top on EACH side. That means a TOTAL of 8" LONGER and 8" WIDER. That is because we will use that fabric to attach the quilt to the quilting frame. 

  • Square up your quilt and backing fabric. 

  • Pre-washing your quilt top fabrics and backing fabric is recommended to avoid unexpected shrinkage.

  • We sell batting and have Hobbs 80/20, Winline 80/20, Winline 100% Bamboo, Quilters Dream 100% wool, Quilters Dream 100% cotton and Quilters Dream Polyester. You may provide your own batting however keep in mind that low quality batting does not hold up well during the quilting process.  If your selected batting pulls apart or distorts easily when you give it a little tug, it is not suitable for long arm quilting, which is why we prefer to use our own batting.  However, if you want us to use your batting, please note that batting must also be a minimum of 8" longer and wider than your quilt top.

  •  Do not use pins or spray adhesive to sandwich your quilt top with the batting and backing.  We load each piece on the long arm machine separately.


 Feel free to give us a call to discuss your quilt and any concerns before sending your quilt to us for quilting. 


A quilt is a labor of love. We want your quilt to be as beautifully quilted as it is pieced.  Please understand that we cannot promise perfection, we are human. When you send your quilt to us, you are trusting us to do the very best we can without a perfection guarantee. 

That being said, we would be honored to quilt your quilt top for you and look forward to having the opportunity!


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